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December 12, 2017

The 2017 CBKB Defensive Duds
December 12, 2017

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This article is a continuing look at the best and worst groups of statistical teams in 2017 CBKB. Please refer to other articles on this site to see the reason why fundamentals, rebounding, assists and turnovers are important, along with quality play on the defensive end.

Today’s article features the worst offensive teams in 2017 CBKB. The list is based on their inability to score and shoot the basketball. The following parameters are used to qualify our impotent, offensive teams.

1. Score 70 or less points
2. Shoot 42% or less from the field
3. Shoot 32% or less from behind the arc

All statistics are compiled thru December 11, and are rounded to the nearest whole number for ease of use and presentation.

In the other articles of this series on 2017 CBKB statistics, I prove the importance of fundamentals and defense in the ATS wars. There is nothing however, that is more fundamental THAN PUTTING THE BALL IN THE BASKET! This list of 16, 2017 CBKB Offensive Oafs, is proof of that. For they are just 52-98 SU and 34-73 (32%) ATS. If you are looking for teams to play against this list is a good place to start

Keep the Damn Ball
December 12, 2017

In early December of 2017 I gave you your first look at the Defensive Dandies of 2017 CBKB. This week we switch gears to review a list of the worst defensive teams on the 2017 CBKB landscape. This is a great list of teams to use in conjunction with your list of Keep the Damn Ball teams. For without fundamentals or defense a team has little hope. To isolate our defensive duds I look at 3 categories, critical to defensive success. Those categories, along with the necessary parameters are listed below. To qualify for the list our team must have…

1. Must allow 75 or more PPG
2. Allow 45% or more from the field
3. 36% or more from behind the arc

All stats run through December 10, 2017. All numbers rounded to the nearest whole for ease of computation and representation.

As always, I save you the trouble of doing the math. If you add the above columns you will see that these teams are 137-194 SU and 99-132 ATS (43%). (It would be much better if we excluded a 7-0 ATS S Utah team)! In any event this is clearly a list of teams to play against based on their poor defensive performance for the year to date.

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Last week I penned an article about 2017 CBKB RATS as you will recall from reading the article the object was to isolate a group of CBKB teams who had strong fundamentals in the area of rebounding, assists, and turnovers. Please refer to that article to review the fact that at the time of the writing any team who’s rebound margin + assist/turnover margin + net TO margin totaled 10 or more had a 65% ATS record thru December 3.

This week I look at the opposite end of the spectrum to isolate which 2017 CBKB teams have NEGATIVE REBOUND MARGIN/ASSIST TURNOVER MARGIN/NET TO MARGIN.

Listed below are the qualifying teams thru December 10 including their SU ATS records and specific numbers in each category.

As always, I will save you the trouble of doing the math. As a group these teams are just 47-80 (37%) ATS.  Think long and hard before putting any of these teams on your dance card.