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Keep the Damn Ball
December 12, 2017

Last week I penned an article about 2017 CBKB RATS as you will recall from reading the article the object was to isolate a group of CBKB teams who had strong fundamentals in the area of rebounding, assists, and turnovers. Please refer to that article to review the fact that at the time of the writing any team who’s rebound margin + assist/turnover margin + net TO margin totaled 10 or more had a 65% ATS record thru December 3.

This week I look at the opposite end of the spectrum to isolate which 2017 CBKB teams have NEGATIVE REBOUND MARGIN/ASSIST TURNOVER MARGIN/NET TO MARGIN.

Listed below are the qualifying teams thru December 10 including their SU ATS records and specific numbers in each category.

As always, I will save you the trouble of doing the math. As a group these teams are just 47-80 (37%) ATS.  Think long and hard before putting any of these teams on your dance card.