Hey Joe – I ain’t a bad picker. But I kept screwin up by betting a lot of parlays and teasers.   And I also buried myself when I tried to double up on my losing streaks.  I laughed when you suggested I read your money management article.   I thought I didn’t need it.  I still mess up.  But at least I know when I do something wrong.  Best of all I am winning more and my losing streaks ain’t as bad.  Your system helped me. Thx

Mike Z.
Trenton, NJ


Mister Joe I just wanted to say thanks  I got a blue collar job and my wife works to.  But we could have never put our 3 kids thru college without the extra cash I got from betting your pix the last 7 years.  Not that we won every week but you gave us some crazy hot winning streaks man what a ride.  My wife even got into it and I think it actually helped our marriage.  I am retiring soon but I know I’ll never be bored playing your pix. Thanks man I’m all in.

Massillon, OH

Joe G I am a long time original Pittsburgh pipeline caller.  With comp lines going the way of the dinosaur I sure appreciate you taking the time for us little guys.  The reasons for your picks always make sense.  My buddies are getting killed with free picks on the internet, I’m sticking with my phone call to you each day.  Thanks

Hamilton, ON CA



Mister Gavazzi  Your picks suck!!!  You scammed me just like everybody else.  You talked me into to trying a week of  your picks in Football and they went 6-7.  I am never using you or any other tout again. 
(Ed note:  the next 3 weeks the plays went 31-14!)

Jack T.
Verona, PA

I joined November knockout in 2011 and after 5 games you were 3-2 with a couple bad beats.  You had to go 4-1 to make your 70% guarantee.  No way.  But you won all four 6% plays and hit over 60% for the month.  That was peanuts compared to your 69-29 November record in college hoops. I’m flush man.  Sign me up for football and hoops thru the final 4.

Stevie Z.
Tucson, AZ

Joe  I been following you since your days with Playbook back in the 80s. The last 2 years I read your college football named games on your website for free!  Boy did I clean up.  This year I see you are charging $384 for the season.  What do I care.  Sign me up.

Albert K.
Missoula, MT

Unbelievable man.  I thought you were scamming me.  But your 2012 Turkey shoot was for real.  You delivered!!  I played the games exactly as you told me went 33-9 and won over $46000.  I paid nothing up front and was glad to give you 15%.  Call me when your next deal starts.

Ricky W.
Oklahoma City


 Hey Joe thanks dude.  I was so hard headed I nearly let you bury me with your plays.  But since I put you on a limit I can now follow your action and shade my line.  I fear no one now.  And my BR is fatter than ever.  I never mind paying you. Thx 

(local sports bookie)


 Joe I never liked you giving all those games.  Who can win like that.  So I was a big fan when you started your top play service.  I never seen anybody pic 2 outta 3 for a whole season like you did in football.  And guess what baskets were just as good.  You’re the best

 Joey B.
Chicago, IL

Mr. Joe  Just like I thought.  I followed you for a whole month and didn’t make any money.  I called and asked for free games.  You said  sign up again.  I called back and talked to your assistant.  She gave me the next month for free and we killed it.  But you’e still an asshole.  Who scammed who.


Listen if you can average 56% over an extended period of time, that’s considered success in my book.  To anybody giving you a poor review because they lost a couple games… wagering doesn’t work that way.   It is a marathon not a sprint.  Your picks offer thoughtful insight into all covered sporting matchups.  I appreciate the write-ups and perspective which I use to ultimately make my own picks.  Your site is an extremely useful tool towards fine-tuning your risk/intelligence when it comes to sports wagering.  I highly recommend it.

 Clobb Spanky


 Fantastic information from Joe Gavazzi with this site.  Love the ability to buy just the picks I am looking for.  Great customer service. They really appreciate the customers who support them.  No reason to go anywhere else if you are looking for solid info at a great price.  A+++

Washington, DC

I always said a handicapper was only as good as his best bets.  I fell for  your 6% hype before the season and paid you a bundle.  Early on you lost 2 straight (yeah they were tough beats) and I figured I got screwed again.  Then you won 8 outta 9.  Pay day I am fat dude.  Sign me up for hoops.

 Mr. Q.

I never bet hoops before but we were having a good football season and I had some extra cash.  You hyped November hoops hard.  So I thought what the heck.  Best decision I ever made.  Like picking cherries off a tree.  It will definitely be a happy holiday.  Can’t wait till next November.

Little Pete
Omaha, NE


I’m a football guy and love betting it.  But my girlfriend is crazy about hoops.  She played in College.  I just play the NCAA office pools but nothing else.  You sent me an email about how good you do in College hoops in Feb and March.  You were right.  Now I get laid anytime I want and Susan and I are going to the Islands in April.  She thinks I made all those picks. 

Fred T.
Newark, NJ

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